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Silverado Canyon Road Over Ladd Creek Bridge Replacement Project

The existing Silverado Canyon Road Over Ladd Creek Bridge (Ladd Canyon Bridge) is located at the intersection of Silverado Canyon Road and Ladd Canyon Road, 2.2 miles east of East Santiago Canyon Road. The proposed project involves the replacement of the existing bridge. The replacement bridge would be wider than the existing bridge to add a should in both directions. Ladd Canyon Bridge would be limited to a single one-way travel direction during construction and would continue to provide vehicular access along Silverado Canyon Road during the reconstruction. Construction of the bridge would take approximately 1.5 years and construction staging would occur within the road shoulder or in adjacent disturbed or developed areas along Silverado Canyon. When completed, the bridge will have two-way travel direction.  

•    Notice of Intent
•    Ladd Canyon Bridge _MND_Public Review Draft Initial Study Only
•    Appendix A Criteria Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Calculations
•    Appendix B Natural Environmental Study (Minimal Impacts) and Biological Assessment
•    Appendix C Archaeological Survey Report and Historic Properties Survey Report
•    Appendix D Phase I Initial Site Assessment
•    Appendix E Water Quality Assessment Report
•    Appendix F Location Hydraulic Study
•    Appendix G Noise Technical Memorandum

Please submit written comments by June 7, 2021, to the person listed below:

assignment_indAdam Ramos, Civil Engineer, P.E.
OC Public Works - OC Infrastructure - Project Management
place 601 N. Ross Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701   

phone  (714) 667-1631     |    email

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