Inspection Services

What is Inspection Services?

Inspection Services Division provides professional building inspection, grading inspection, subdivision, and encroachment inspection services for the unincorporated areas of Orange County. Inspections are performed for all building construction permit activities to ensure that all habitable structures are constructed in accordance with current building codes and construction practices. Grading and Subdivision inspections provides quality assurance that all privately constructed public infrastructure facilities such as roads; drainage systems; and regional flood control facilities located within subdivision projects to be turned over to the County for maintenance are constructed according to approved county plans and standards. The five major disciplines that Inspection Services are responsible for include:

Building Inspections

Grading, Subdivision and Encroachment Inspections

SMARA (Surface Mining and Reclamation Act) Inspections

NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Inspections


Oil Well Inspections



Interim Deputy Director, OC Development Services - Richard Vuong
Division Manager, Inspection Services - Satinder Verma 


General Building Inspection     phone icon(714) 667.8820
Grading/Subdivision/Encroachment     phone icon(714) 245.4550

Inspection Service Team:        

Building Inspection (North & South)

Supervising Building Inspector - Larry Jeffery (North County)

Supervising Building Inspector - Jeff McIver (South County)

Building Inspector - Andrew Valle

Building Inspector - Tam Trac

Building Inspector - Eric Clark

Building Inspector - Jayme Ahlo

Building Inspector - Cesar (Luis) Romero

Building Inspector - Harold Brooks

Building Inspector - Jeff Gannaway

Building Inspector - Gracia Prado

Grading/Subdivision/Encroachment Inspection (North & South)

Supervising Construction Inspector - Jonathan Tucker (North County)

Supervising Construction Inspector - Richard Sanchez - (South County)

Sr. Construction Inspector - Justin Le

Sr. Construction Inspector - Jason Sotto

Sr. Construction Inspector - Kevin Nguyen

Sr. Construction Inspector - Raymond Sanchez

Sr. Construction Inspector - Dean Capalety

Sr. Construction Inspector - David Koch

Sr. Construction Inspector - Charles Michinock

Sr. Construction Inspector - Kenneth Junio

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