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Land Development Project Highlights

Planning Areas 3 and 4 Master Area & Subarea Plans

The Master Area and Subarea Plans for Planning Areas (Pas) 3 and 4, represent the next level of entitlement for development of the Ranch Plan as a master planned community project. On September 11, 2019, the Planning Commission approved amendments to the Master and Subarea Plans for PAs 3 and 4, and established Subarea Plans 3.1 through 3.14 and 4.1. The Planning Area 3 and 4 project site totals 3,313 acres, of which 2,396 acres will be dedicated to residential uses allowing 7,500 total dwelling units, 270 acres will be for non-residential uses (Urban Activity Center, Neighborhood Center, and Business Park uses), and the remaining 647 acres will be dedicated as permanent open space reserve.

Planning Area 3.1

Located northeast of Los Patrones Parkway and Cow Camp Road, Planning Area 3.1 is 137.2 acres in size and will contain a maximum of 775 residential dwelling units, 10,000 square feet of Urban Activity Center uses, and 120,000 square feet of Senior Living Facility uses.  Planning Area 3.1 will contain eight builder tracts. Entitlement and permit processing for the tracts is anticipated to start at the end of April 2020. 

Esencia Mixed-Use Center

A 42.3-acre mixed-use retail and residential site located within Planning Area 2, Subarea 2.4, on the northeast corner of Chiquita Canyon Drive and Airoso Street. The first phase of the project includes a 40,000 square foot fitness club, a 27,300 square foot Roller Skating Rink, 99,200 square feet of multi-tenant flex space, and 135,136 square feet of mini-storage space. The first phase is currently under construction. An application for the second phase of development is currently in process. It consists of a 92-unit residential apartment complex on a 5.7-acre site. Future phases of the Esencia Mixed-Use Center will include up to an additional 150,000 square feet of retail development.