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Zoning Code Amendment CA 24-01 (Multifamily development standards) and Zone Change ZC 24-01 (Specific Commercial and Residential Sites)

The County of Orange (“County”) is required to amend the zoning code and complete zone changes to provide for additional housing opportunities as required by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”) and recent changes to state law.  The Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”) determined that the County of Orange must demonstrate that an additional 10,406 units of housing can be developed within Unincorporated Orange County areas between 2021 and 2029. To demonstrate that it is possible to accommodate these units, the County will be taking action to rezone or amend certain aspects of the zoning for your property.  The zone changes or amendments do not have any effect on your existing use or residence, which may remain the same.  The changes only provide opportunities for increased residential development densities should the property be redeveloped in the future. 

The properties in the table below are designated to be rezoned or amended, as follows: 

  • If your property is currently zoned Local Business (C1), General Business (C2), Commercial Community (CC), Commercial Highway (CH), Commercial Neighborhood (CN), or Residential Profession (RP), it would be rezoned to the Mixed-Use (MX) zoning designation; or
  • If your property is currently zoned Two Family Residential (R2D), it would be rezoned to a multifamily residential district with an increased  minimum base density; or
  • If your property is zoned or rezoned Multifamily Dwellings (R2), Apartment (R3), Suburban Multifamily Residential (R4), Residential Profession (RP), or Mixed-Use (MX), the minimum density would increase to 30 dwelling units per acre and certain aspects of the zoning standards for your property would be amended; and
  • Properties within the Multifamily Dwellings (R2), Apartment (R3), and Suburban Multifamily Residential (R4), Light Industrial (M1) and new Mixed Use zoning district will also be designated with the Housing Opportunities Overlay (HOO), which provides opportunities and incentives for future affordable housing projects. 

Table of Proposed Properties to be Rezoned or Amended

We would like to assist you in learning more about this process. The proposed zone changes and amendments will be presented at a Planning Commission on May 8, 2024

Planning Commission Meeting

Date: May 8, 2024

Time: 1:30pm

Location: County Administration North (CAN) - 400 West Civic Center Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92701

First Floor Multipurpose Room 101

Planning Commission Webpage


If you have any questions regarding these Amendments please email:   

Attachment 1: Proposed Zoning Map of Properties Proposed to be Rezoned

Attachment 2 - Inset A

Attachment 3 - Inset B

Attachment 4 - Inset C

Attachment 5 - Inset D

Attachment 6 - Inset E

Attachment 7 - Inset F