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PA 160051 – Cowan Heights Residential Development Project

      VTTM 18062 - Subdivision Committee hearing February 21, 2018

      Board of Supervisors approvals

     Approved Planning Commission Resolution No. 17-05

     November 8, 2017 Planning Commission Presentations

    Public Speakers - Planning Commission Briefing
    Staff - PA160051 PC presentation
    Three short videos were presented, but due to technical difficulties we are unable to upload those videos. 
    If interested in viewing those please contact the Planner Kevin Canning. Info on bottom of this page. 
    Request for continuance from October 11, 2017 to November 8, 2017

Continuance Memo

    Cover Memo for November 8, 2017

    Public Notice 
    PA160051 Staff Report
    Updated Attachment 1 - Planning Commission Resolution No. 17-05
    Attachment 2 - Final Environmental Impact Report No. 629 (see below)
    Attachment 3 - Planned Development Plans
    Attachment 4 - Site Photos
    Attachment 5 - General Plan Transportation Element/Scenic Highways
    Attachment 6 - NTAC Minutes of December 21, 2016
    Updated Nov 7 Attachment 7 - Comment letters received 

      Draft EIR

      Final EIR    

      The Final EIR is comprised of the Draft EIR document and the Final EIR document. The Final EIR document contains 
      the following chapters: 
Chapter 1: Preface
            Chapter 2: Response to Comments 
            Chapter 3: Errata
            Chapter 4: Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

      The Errata Chapter identifies revisions based on comments received on the Draft EIR during the public review period. 
      These revisions clarify and amplify information in the Draft EIR, and correct minor facts. 

      EIR Appendices

    The Planning Commission public hearing is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 
    October 11, 2017.
A separate public hearing notice will be mailed 10 days prior to the public hearing. 
    The staff report will be available 72 hours in advance of  the public hearing. Comments on the staff report or the 
    Final EIR must be submitted prior to the public hearing.

    Kevin Canning
    OC Development Services/Planning
    300 N. Flower Street, Santa Ana, CA 92702-4048
    Phone  phone icon  (714) 667-8847 or Email envelope

    If you wish to receive an email notification when new information is posted to this project's webpage (e.g., new or revised plans, documents, notices of public hearings or public meetings), please submit an email request to Kevin Canning.