DPRC Audio

Contains the Development Processing Review Committee (DPRC) Audio Recordings. This includes current and past audio recording. The DPRC Audio recordings are available for the public to listen to after each meeting. The meetings are held once a month, every second Thursday.

Click on the appropriate date below to listen to the audio recording. Right-click to download the entire file.

Note: OC Public Works generally retains two years of records on its websites. Requests for older public records not found here may be submitted online at: orangecounty.nextrequest.com

 DPRC Audio 6-5-19 (83.77 MB)
 DPRC Audio 5-1-19 (96.6 MB)
 DPRC Audio 4-3-19 (113.12 MB)
 DPRC Audio 3-6-19 (149.37 MB)
 DPRC Audio 2-6-19 (98.37 MB)
 DPRC Audio 1-9-19 (93.67 MB)
 DPRC Audio 11-7-18 (99.5 MB)
 DPRC Audio 10-3-18 (56.94 MB)
 DPRC Audio 9-5-18 (118.48 MB)
 DPRC Audio 9-5-18 (118.48 MB)
 DPRC Audio 5-2-18 (89.7 MB)
 DPRC Audio 4-4-18 (82.28 MB)
 DPRC Audio 3-7-18 (128.19 MB)
 DPRC Audio 2-7-18 (100.82 MB)
 DPRC Audio 1-3-18 (87.82 MB)